Almost packages contain its source. Guestbook is available to contact the author, or K-Meleon Forum is useful for about K-Meleon.

This page will be closed at end of Octobar 2010 for a reason that will stop the service, detail (Japanese).


September 8, 2010
Update liveipbar k-meleon plugin (prototype).
September 5, 2010
New liveipbar k-meleon plugin (prototype).
April 22, 2010
Fix utils k-meleon plugin.
April 02, 2010
Update utils k-meleon plugin.
March 03, 2010
Update utils k-meleon plugin.
March 19, 2009
Update ipbar k-meleon plugin (prototype).
March 9, 2009
New ipbar k-meleon plugin (prototype).

K-Meleon things


luamacro: Lua extension plugin

This is yet another Macro Extension Plugin. This uses Lua, makes you may write macros by Lua language.

for 1.1, 1.5 with Lua 5.1.4 (138k)
for 1.1 with Lua 5.1.2 (136k)

utils: Macro utilities plugin

This plugin contains some commands to use in K-Meleon macro. (58k)

timer: Timer plugin

This plugin provides macro commands to run scheduled command. (13k)

undoclosed: Undo latest closed page plugin

This plugin provides "undo latest closed page" and "rewind" features. (19k)

spelltest: Demonstrate builtin spellchecker plugin

This plugin is demonstration how to use mozilla's builtin spellchecker with K-Meleon. (33k)

ipbar: Shows host IP plugin

This is prototype. This plugin shows host IP of seeing page on toolbar. (28k)

liveipbar: Shows your IP plugin

This is prototype. This plugin shows IP of your computer on toolbar. (54k)

jconv: Japanese encoding conversion plugin

This plugin contains some character code conversion commands to use in macro. (16k)


This is experimental plugin to solve a trouble that mouse wheel doesn't work with k-meleon. This plugin is unnecessary in most cases. (12k)

Lua addon library

kmplus: Supplemental addon for luamacro

This package contains some addons and support scripts. This has currently common dialogs, user dialog and menu. (luamacro for k-meleon 1.1 has menu functions, then menu functions that this contains are obsoleted on 1.1 later). (115k)

Others lua addon library

This is pre-built binary package for convenience of K-Meleon users. The packager doesn't have any rights for this software. This is built with Lua 5.1.4.

LuaFileSystem (41k)

Windows toys


This is study tool for Sudoku like puzzles. This has poor-looking UI and primitive generator that could create easy and low-quality puzzles.

Sample puzzles. Click to enlarge. (1.6k, 1k)
sample puzzle sample puzzle 2
English. Japanese.
Japanese version. (94k)
English version. (93k)

skeleton of number 12x12

This is computer version of Skeleton puzzle (a.k.a. Criss Cross, Fill-in crosswords, Kreuzgitter, crusadex or cruzadex) using number (a.k.a. numerical fill-in crosswords, nansuke). This has poor-looking UI and primitive generator that could create easy and low-quality puzzles. Makefile to build on linux is also included.

English manual. Japanese manual.

screenshot (3.7k, PNG) (185k)

Web toys

Polyomino tessellation puzzle Flash

tiling screenshot

This is a Flash of famous puzzle called tessellation or tiling. This generates easy and low-quality puzzles.

Play online (10k Flash)

Get archive with source (23k)


This is a Perl CGI program that counts visitors. (10k)


This is a very simple guestbook CGI program written by Perl.

guestbook demo (8k)

link manager

This is a very simple link manager. This is Perl CGI program.

link manager demo (4k)


This is a very small cgi program that shows environment variable like printenv program. This is useful to check your browser settings. This code is below, this is a Perl program.


print "Content-type: text/plain\nCache-Control: no-cache\n\n";
print "$key=$value\r\n" while (($key, $value) = each(%ENV));