Extensions for the K-Meleon browser


K-Meleon Extensions Manager 8

an extensions manager to view and uninstall your extensions, additionally KEM can install extensions directly from this website or locally saved extensions.


download NT version [version 8.1] *windows 2k and above- supports both KM 7x and previous structures for older K-Meleon versions
(extract the compressed packages directly into your k-meleon folder)

for legacy windows 9x (95, 98, me) download 9X version [5.9] (no longer supported)


for developers: an uninstall ini sample


Important Notice: in windows vista & above- to be able to run the manager smoothly, additional administrative rights may be required depending on your K-Meleon installation directory.


how to use KEM?
as online installer, you can install extensions on this website only by right-clicking on an extension or kplugin link(not plugins) and select the 'km extension' command from your link context menu:
KEM will then close k-meleon and proceed to download and install the extension


once it's done, it will open k-meleon and now you are ready to use your newly added extension




as an offline installer:
in k-meleon, click on the tools menu and select 'extensions manager' menu command.. this will open KEM
click on the run installer button and an open file dialog will open, use it to browse to your downloaded extension.
please note: KEM will automatically restart your k-meleon when it proceeds to install or uninstall an extension, this is to ensure the installation process goes smoothly without problems.